• Tania was just another coddled teenager, until the Slip changed everything...

    When supernatural forces invaded our world, she inherited unbelievable abilities that left her ostracized, hated, and Marked. Years later, living on the fringes of society, Tania and her exiled elf roommate Logan are happy to be left alone. But her foreboding dreams have other plans.

    In her nightmares, she sees a mysterious hooded figure ripping children from their families. When her dreams start coming true, Tania and Logan must set out on a dangerous mission. One that could take them beyond anything they’ve ever imagined. One that could get them killed.


    Keys and Needles is the first installment in a dystopian urban fantasy series that contemplates how things would change if the world of folklore collided with ours. If you like snappy dialogue and fast-paced plots, then you’ll love this intriguing world.

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  • What readers are saying:

    "An enchanting cross-genre tale"

    "The pacing of this book was what really did it for me. Nickolaisen could have tried to pull this book into a much longer format, but it didn’t need to be. All the details needed to read and understand the story were already here and it flowed really nicely.


    Honestly, the main character was easily my favorite part of this book. She was feisty and a little reckless. It’s fun to read a character that you’re really not sure what she’s going to do next. I always felt like I had to be on my toes while reading this book.


    Keys and Needles was a really interesting book filled with lots to enjoy and I’m glad that I took the time to read it. Nickolaisen can really write and I’m definitely intrigued to see what else she comes out with."


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    "A quick-witted urban fantasy and a delightful read."

    "I listened to the audiobook version, and it's a short, fast-paced, delightful read. I'm generally not into standard fantasy fare myself, so I'm a bit of a hard sell when it comes to adapting straight-up fae folk, but the Worldslip series strikes a nice balance that reaches for the best of both worlds (no pun intended.)"


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  • About the author

    Michelle Nickolaisen

    I live in Austin, TX, with my sweet old Shiba and two evil-genius cats. I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and do it for a living (though in a very different capacity to what you’ll read here). After reading I-don’t-even-know-how-many fantasy books in my life, I decided to write one. Except, actually, I'm writing three, because I'm incapable of tackling small projects.


    My other projects include an alt-1920s urban fantasy RPG podcast, a speculative fiction audio drama, and many other things in various stages of completion.

    If you want to keep up with my antics, Twitter is probably the best place to do it. There’s also Instagram, if you want excessive bouldering/pet photos/videos.


    The best way to support the novel series (aside from buying, of course!) is to check out the Patreon, where you can get behind-the-scenes posts and sneak peeks for Worldslip and other projects.